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How to load the hotpot table on the truck?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-29
 In the purchase period of hot pot tables and hot pot chairs for customers to go to the market, many consumers do not have the basic knowledge and methods to purchase furniture. It is easy to receive deception or receive inexplicable grievances. In general, hotpot table, it is a batch of physical furniture, often because of the huge size and weight, it is necessary to rent a large car to be transported to the designated location at one time. If the furniture is transported in several batches, the risk is greatly increased. Risks involved: 1. Increase the chance of damage to hot pot table furniture, etc. 2.Freight cost stack 3. Because there is a difference in the time of arrival, the cost of the porter increases.

 Under normal circumstances, a batch of hot pot tables is enough for a truck of more than ten meters, and the hot pot table may be made of marble or solid wood structure. The marble table may be rough and easy during transportation. The marble is damaged. If any marble is damaged, it will become a waste product. Therefore, you must be careful during transportation. Fortunately, if the buyer signs the transportation insurance with the logistics company, the damaged goods will be compensated.

 How to load the hot pot table and protect the goods from damage? Under normal circumstances, the most vulnerable part is the marble stone. When the marble is loaded into the truck, it must be placed vertically. Because it is placed vertically, it can be transmitted to all placed well. If it is discharged horizontally, if the truck has In the case of vibration, the marble dining table is only subjected to a local strong pulling force and opposing force, which causes the surface of the marble dining table to break or crack.

  What's more, when the goods arrive at the designated location, don't rush to sign, and carefully check whether the goods are damaged. If there are broken goods, you should actively communicate with the logistics company to compensate.

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