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How to maintain the hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-29
  Under normal circumstances, the life of a hot pot table is about to be updated for about 10 years, but in many cases, the reason for replacing the hotpot table is not because the table is damaged and cannot be used, but because it's style too old, not bright enough, not enough atmosphere. So it is necessary to consider changing a new hot pot table. Why is the hot pot table looking old?

  Because the usual hot pot restaurant have to serve a large number of diners every day, some guests may accidentally dump the oil on the table, or usually eat the leftovers of the lettuce directly on the table, if this time is not immediately cleaning out, the accumulated oil will gradually penetrate into the fixed paper inside the wax paper, causing an irreversible appearance.

In most cases, the diners generally do not pay too much attention to the leftovers in the dishes. At this time, they should be able to use the catering cloth before the meal, and carry out primary protection on the surface of the table. Can play a big role, the oil is firmly attached to the cloth surface so that he can not reach the table.

  If the table top wrapped with a table cloth is not enough to protect it, the daily maintenance is very obvious. First, the cleaning staff usually only clean up the table before prepare up the table. It just doesn't look so dirty, but it still can't be removed the oil stains, the decontaminates used by the cleaning staff should use some big brands, can not use the noisy, etc., because the pH value of the decontamination is high or low, it is possible to corrode the wax layer on the surface of the marble hot pot table, paraffin The thinner the layer, the less protective it is, which will cause the oil to penetrate faster, so the detergent should be of a neutral type.

  After work in the evening shift, the cleaning staff will clean up the restaurant. It may be cleaned with a metal wipe such as a wire wipe. This will also make the paraffin layer on the surface of the hot pot table lose more quickly, because the sharp wire will wipe the wire. The wax is easily scratched, which greatly reduces the life of the hot pot table.

  In another case, it is to avoid the strong illumination of sunlight, because any object will cause color change after the sun is excessively exposed, and yellowing and the like will generally occur. In this case, the window can be placed with a blackout curtain or a blackout cloth.。

  To sum up, the paraffin layer on the surface of the hot pot table is like the surface of a car. It requires daily maintenance and attention to detail in order to maximize the appearance that he should have.

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