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How do the production arrangements for the hot pot table manufacturers at the end of the year?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-30

The annual year-end is approaching, and the New Year begins in February. All of people have stepped up the rest of the work before the holiday. The hot pot table usually takes 2 weeks to complete the production. The various structural components of the hotpot table are provided by many suppliers. If the marble supplier has a holiday in advance, this will directly affect the production rhythm of the hotpot table manufacturer. Even if there is a common material such as a screw, it cannot be guaranteed. Normal production, so all industries are less likely to take orders before the holiday.

Generally, there is no guarantee that the hotpot table that can be produced smoothly before the year, it will be arranged to be shipped after the year. This requires a key information node that the manufacturer needs to communicate with the customer. If the order received before the year can not finished the order in time, then the production cycle time before and after the year will be superimposed to cause the production cycle to be too long, which will have serious and adverse effects on the customer. Under such circumstances, the manufacturer should Conduct patience and negotiation with customers to produce furniture and carry out corresponding emergency measures.

The production time of furniture is second, there is another factor is the return capital of the goods, the general credit of the hotpot table manufacturers will promptly determine the payment, clear before year, etc., they need to have flow on capital chain, if the funds There is a problem with the chain At the end of the year, it is simply a no problem for the company, and the wages of a large number of hotpot table craftsmen and production workers need to be settled. This is also a big corporate expense.

At the end of the year, the logistics supply chain is limited. Large cargo such as hotpot furniture needs to be transported by large trucks. However, due to the possible handling of large trucks during the Chinese New Year, the furniture will be stranded at the logistics point, so the truck drivers will rarely be as the end of the year coiming, especially out of the province, generally only accept transportation within the province.

In general, large items such as hotpot tables, hotel dining chairs, hotel furniture etc., need to be carefully considered if they need to be produced before the year. All the reasons may cause the furniture to fail to be issued and received on time.

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