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What are the disadvantages of the traditional fire board hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-31

     When the hot pot table started to be popular, it was probably around 2013. The hot pot table that was commonly used in the past was just some popular hotpot tables. This fire wood hot pot table is a very traditional hot pot table is a very simple hot pot table. The performance and appearance cannot be followed up the modern hot pot table . Although this type of hot pot table has become the hotpot table in people's minds, now such a hot pot table only appears in Compared with the low-end hot pot shop, the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional hot pot table are also very obvious.

      The biggest advantage of the hot pot table is that it is cheap and light, but the shortcoming is its most deadly disadvantage.

Disadvantages 1: Because the hot pot table is low in cost and rough in processing, the manufacturer may use inferior paint or raw materials for the purpose of compressing the profit. The original wood is made of oak solid wood and the bad merchants may use MDF, splint, etc. .。

Disadvantage 2: The traditional hot pot table processing method is low in cost and backward. It can not protect the hot pot table very well, thus greatly reducing the life of the hot pot table. Inferior paint can not protect the table top, which causes the wood to be very perishable and has no quality problems.。

Disadvantage 3: Because the corrosion and mildew of the board is easy to breed germs or carcinogens, this is extremely harmful to the safety of consumers, or may adhere to the food causing secondary pollution of food, causing gastroenteritis and serious May cause adverse effects such as food poisoning.

Disadvantage 4: Short life and no durability is the shortcoming of the plate-burning hot pot table. It is because of the above three reasons that once the mildew occurs, if it cannot be taken in time, it will cause irreparable damage.

Therefore, the fire board wooden hot pot table has advantages and fatal shortcomings, and it is necessary to see how the merchants purchase the hot pot table in a balanced manner.

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