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What is the internal structure of the steam hot pot?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-01

In the past three years, the steam hot pot has sprung up, once again confirming the creativity and innovation of the foodies lover. The steam hot pot was originally from Guangdong province, because the Guangdong area is mostly like cooking, because the cooked ingredients can be authentic. Retaining its proper taste, the cooking method is simple and fast, and the taste is sweet. This advantage has become the taste vane of Cantonese people.

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The internal structure of the steam hot pot is mainly divided into four parts. The hot pot table, the micro pump, the steam generator, the steam controller, the steam filter and the toppot make up a complete steam hot pot. The steam hot pot is fast under high temperature and high pressure. Adding ingredients, the steam hot pot in the general food and beverage store generally needs to put a bucket of distilled water next to the water supply. Because the steam filter and other components are relatively small and precise, the supplied water should not be too hard, and the hard water may cause scale to affect the use effect and service life, and The installation is perfectly combined through a custom hot pot table.
The use of steam hot pot in addition to positive food, can also be used to cook porridge, seafood porridge, etc., so steam hot pot needs regular maintenance and cleaning, if the steam hot pot in the porridge way, if the food residue is not cleaned up in time, when the internal compressor The temperature is lowered, which may cause the food residue to recirculate due to the heat rise and contraction, resulting in serious blockage of the gas outlet passage.
Many people have a common suspicion before purchasing steam hot pot, is that it is dangerous? In fact, physical engineers have designed a variety of protective measures for protection. The biggest hazard of steam hot pot is the high temperature and high pressure generated by compressed steam, but there are multiple parts in the pressure cooker for safety protection. The first one is to control the high pressure threshold through the pressure sensor. Automatic release relief when the highest peak pressure is reached. The second one is the thermostat. When the pressure cooker generates high temperature, it also provides a high temperature effect. Installing a thermostat also controls its temperature threshold, and automatically reduces the power when the temperature is exceeded.

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