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What should be paid attention to when installing the the 16-person hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-02
        In the category of super large hot pot table, the 16-person hot pot table means that it can sit on the hot pot table of 16 people at the same time. This large hot pot table can satisfy the table of 16 people sitting, and the table is not really satisfactory. This type of hot pot table has been processed and customized. This is a category of high-end hot pot tables. The general hot pot table can only meet 4 or 6 people. This is the regular hot pot table. A small table foot can server a tabletop.
        The interior of the large hot pot table is equipped with a custom and special material. The internal structure of the hot pot table is supported by a metal structure to support the table top, because the large hot pot table top is generally 3 meters in diameter, so that the diameter is large and heavy when it use marble desktop. If it is difficult to withstand such a large dining table by ordinary by wooden structure, the material of the internal structure generally adopts conventional hardware components such as iron or angle iron. The center of the hotpot table has a core rotating shaft to bear important load-bearing and rotating. function.
The installation of structural components inside such a large hotpot table is also a technical activity that cannot be underestimated. Due to the large number of internal structural parts and the heavy identity of the parts, the installation of the internal movement of the hotpot table requires more accurate measurement and rich installation experience, otherwise it is easy. Installation errors or installation failures can easily lead to security incidents. Therefore, the installation requires a considerable experience of the installation master to install, please do not try to install it yourself.
         The installation of the internal mechanism of the hot pot table should pay attention to the construction of a solid base. The center of all the bases is stable. If it is not installed correctly, it will cause safety accidents to the customer. After installing the base, install the core movement. The core is mainly driven by a powerful motor, but the motor is a high-voltage electrical appliance, and the internal structure of the hotpot table is a metal frame, so the motor must be installed with a link ground wire for safe use.
In general, the installation of the hotpot table movement is a technical activity that cannot be underestimated, and it is not convenient, and it is not necessary to screw or lack screws. It is necessary to properly reinforce each moment of the screw to avoid accidents.

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