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What is the difference between the hotpot table with middle hole and the hotpot table small Shabu-Shabu pot?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-03

    Now people can see the hotpot restaurant in the streets and alleys. It can be seen that the hotpot in people's minds is so impotent. People having hot pot is no longer rude in the past. Now they are spending on high-end elegant hotpot restaurants. The decoration of the hotpot restaurant can not be underestimated. The exquisite decoration can bring more experience. Fresh or more is a kind of hotpot feeling. Whether people can sit in the restaurant can bring them a warm feeling and comfort. There is no pressure like a home environment, which depends on the decoration of the hotpot restaurant.

     Now there are five pieces of equipment that need to be equipped to open a hotpot restaurant: hot pot table, hot pot dining chair, induction cooker, custom pot, hotpot special dish and so on. The general hotpot table has a variety of appearances and shapes. The good hot pot table is durable and gives guests unlimited dining pleasure. The hotpot table can have the middle hole or a shabu-shabu single person use pot. The type depends on The habits of local consumers, the middle holed hotpot table is suitable for a family to eat hot pot together, this is a warm family-style dining environment, no urgent psychological environment, the advantage of sharing a hot pot with many people is to increase each other happy Between the feelings and the increased contact, this hotpot table is usually equipped with one or two hotpot cooker, the low cost including the purchase cost of the induction cooker and the operating voltage, but the middle hole hot pot table is suitable for more than four people. The hot pot table is suitable.

      The single person pot is a hotpot table designed according to the specific dining environment. As the name suggests, this type of dining table can accommodate everyone to use a hot pot cooker independently. This is an elegant and gentle dining environment, which is generally The hot pot area suitable for western restaurants and the like can also be suitable for hot pot buffets, etc., since each pot of hot pot table is used independently for the hotpot cooker, although each cooker table used in each pot of hot pot table is very numerous, generally 6 or 8 etc., there are also large hotpot tables with 16 people. In this case, eating hot pot can consume huge electric energy, and relatively speaking, the failure rate of hotpot induction cooker will increase, and various cost superposition will increase the corresponding cost. Therefore, the hot pot table in the middle or the hotpot table in each pot has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is generally a combination of two hot pot tables, that is, a shop has a hole in the middle of the hot pot table and there are also per pot per pot. The hot pot table is suitable.

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