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How to avoid the cracks or bursts of the magnetic glass of the hotpot table

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-04


       In addition to the conventional specifications, the modern hotpot table also has a tempered glass hotpot table. This type of hotpot table is assembled from a special glass. The main feature is that the induction cooker can sink and hide in the magnetic tempered glass. Below, this type of hotpot table has a very smooth table top and a good looking magnetic permeability hotpot table. The magnetic conductive glass is made of special materials composed of a series of elements such as iron and aluminum, and has heat resistance and cold resistance. There is also a very good intensity, the normal use is that no problem will occur, but this type of hot pot table is used in areas such as the Northeast, and it is easy to send cracks or bursts.

Because the climate in the northeastern region is very cold, the heat generated by the induction cooker and the temperature of the environment during the meal process produce a sharp temperature difference, which is likely to cause the burst of the magnetic conductive glass. The bursting of the glass is generally caused by natural factors and factors. Tempered glass panels are generally able to withstand the collision of them, but are not resistant to diagonal collisions. This type of hot pot table noodles requires extra protection for the corners of the table. Such hot pot tables are generally damaged from the corners. Can spread to the middle of the desktop.

How the magnetic glass hotpot table to avoid burst? To achieve magnetic glass explosion-proof, you should do the following:

(1)      (1)Protect the corners of the table as much as possible to prevent direct collision.

(2)      (2)Try not to drop hot oil or hot water when eating.

(3         (3)Do not wash with a wet towel immediately after eating.

(4         (4) A cushioning impact such as a tablecloth can be used on the top of the hot pot table.

(5)      (5)Use anti-scalding pot, which makes the pot body and glass have a little gap to avoid direct contact between the glass and the pot when heating.

(6)      (6) If the buffer glass glue falls off the glass rim, it should be repaired in time.


In summary, the hot pot table should be protected according to the above method, in order to minimize your loss rate and reduce the failure rate, although the glass is not controlled by different pressure, temperature, infrasound, lateral tension and so on. It also has a certain chance of self-explosion.


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