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What is the design direction of the future hotpot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-07

       For the current people's pursuit of hot pot tables is not a low price factor in the past, and now more and more pursuit of the development of personalized direction, then what is the problem is personalized? What are the characteristics of a typical personalized hot pot table?

The personalized customized hotpot table is generally unique in appearance, including color, pattern, material and other factors. This customized hotpot table is the only one in the world, the colors and patterns are different, which can highlight the unique The dining personality culture, personalized table may be black desktop, strange shape structure and so on.

The types of generalized customization are: industrial style dining table, pastoral style dining table, elegant style, musical style, etc., and eclectic furniture style.


Wanyene rural hot pot table

Wanyene industrial style dining table

The industrial style dining table is a kind of variegated dining table which is more inclined to the classical style. This type of dining table is generally made of hardware materials, generally welded by water pipes, iron plates, etc., and then black and A style system of golden paint.


Wanyene idyllic style dining table

Wanyene idyllic style dining table

The idyllic dining table is a quiet dining table style compared to the industrial style dining table. This type focuses on the tranquility of the mood and the blend of nature. This type of dining table is based on green as the main style, most of which are based on flowers and plants. Pattern style.


The music theme style dining table is a very trendy furniture design style. The hot pot table decorated with various musical symbols, and the industrial wind table are more familiar, and the right wrought iron dining table is a trend furniture style.。



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