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What are the advantages of fire board hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-07

        As the name suggests, board furniture is a type of furniture produced from board. There are also some types of man-made materials. The common plates are made of fragrant boards, plywood, block-board, particle board, MDF, fireproof board, etc. It is more commonly used in furniture such as western restaurant furniture. 

        Glued plywood and glue are laminated by heat, and generally press and cross-press.

         It has the advantages of being lightweight and not easily deformed, but it is used alone in combination with MDF or particleboard. Particularly suitable for anti-deformation large span countertops. Or the core of the tidal deformation. However, it is cold or hot pressed during production, resulting in low production efficiency.
         The fiberboard is formed by hot pressing of wood through fiber separation. It is divided into high density and medium density by density.

        Because the fireproof board has excellent thermal insulation properties, heat insulation, high density, heat resistance, wear resistance and other excellent properties, it also has many advantages in production, easy to process and cheap, stable structure, sound absorption and smell, and is often used in hot pot. The production materials of the table, the fireproof plate and the hot pot table are relatively regular, and the appearance is more beautiful and the color is more abundant.

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