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What if the hot pot table is smashed by insects?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-08
    Ordinary solid wood hot pot tables may be lack of proper maintenance for a long time, causing insects to take a bite into the inside of the table to make a bite, and constantly make a sound of biting wood. Is there any way we can go to bugs and repair?
     We all know that if the worm enters the interior of the wood, it is difficult to remove it, because the insects constantly change the position of the bite, and the wood of the hot pot table is irreparably damaged. The place where the worm crawls will cause the plate and The wooden structure is entangled, and it is easy to cause safety hazards to the customer, etc. The table of the crucible has lost the structural stability of the wood, and we will immediately eliminate the life of the table. Pests inside the table.

    There are still many ways to eliminate them. We can clean the hot pot table that has smashed the worms first, then dry it in the sun, then wipe it repeatedly with disinfectant. After carefully finding out the wormholes on the table, after finding the hole, you can Use the insecticide liquid (dichlorvos) to drip into the insect hole, or use the sharp pepper or pepper to make the foam, stuff it into the insect hole, then apply the paraffin oil continuously for 10 days, or use it. Use dichlorvos and water to make a liquid medicine in a ratio of 1:5. Use a sprayer to evenly spray sand in a place where it can be allowed to slowly penetrate into the inside of the hot pot table. It should be sprayed several times in a row. After a few hours, it can be killed. Dead insects in the wooden board, then use a lot of water to clean the potion on the surface of the table, but pay attention to pesticides can not touch the tableware such as cabinets.

      If there are conditions, after the new hot pot table is purchased, in order to prevent the insects from using varnish for reinforcement and defense, the skill can enhance the beauty and prevent the mites.

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