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How to arrange holiday arrangements for hot pot table manufacturers in 2018 Chinese new year

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-09
    The Spring Festival in 2018 is approaching. Today, we received a notice from the logistics company. The national transfer will stop the consignment on January 20th. On January 25th, the direct logistics will be stopped. On January 29, the logistics outside the province will be shut down. February 1 Logistics in the province is out of service! If you need to replenish the goods, please expedite immediately, thank you for your cooperation!

    For hotel furniture, hot pot table furniture and other goods are large items, and the size and weight of the furniture are relatively large, need to be shipped through the logistics arrangement, the hot pot table through the logistics delivery refers to the flow from the supply to the receiving entity According to actual needs, the functions of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, information processing, etc. are organically combined to realize the process of user requirements, which takes too long, not one or two days. task.

    When the goods have been transported to the local logistics point, you can not use your shop right away. The goods you just delivered need manpower and material resources to unload the goods. When the goods are removed from the train, the consignee must be certified and checked. Whether the goods are intact or not, you need to arrange the installation master to install and process after confirmation. If you don't install, you can call our customer service department for after-sales guidance.

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