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How big is the opening hole on the induction cooker hotpot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-10

        The common standard of the induction cooker hotpot table is to open holes in the hot pot table. The hotpot table opening to embed the pot on table is not how big you want to. It is determined by a certain common standard size. The hole in the desktop is also fixed. The technical requirements, such as the width of the hotpot holes from the edge of at least 80CM, otherwise the solid structure of the table has this great safety hazard.

        The purpose of opening the holes in the hotpot table is to enable to placed the induction cooker flat on the table, so that the table top is kept flat without the induction cooker protruding high on the table. The flat table top can greatly enhance the viewing and maintenance convenience.

         The size of the opening is generally slightly larger than the size of the induction cooker, because the hotpot table also has a steel ring, the role of the induction cooker steel ring is used to stabilize and support the induction cooker, if some commercial induction cooker is With a wire-controlled switch, it is necessary to leave a wire slot or the like on the side of the table.

         And the opening should pay attention to: 

        1. Do not install on an uneven surface and require the table to be installed horizontally. 

        2. Do not block the suction port or the exhaust port to avoid overheating in the furnace. The induction cooker supports the wooden board to a height of not less than 1 decimeter. 

        3. Do not install the induction cooker in a place with insufficient space around the outside, and keep the front and left and right sides of the induction cooker clean.

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