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How to choose a good hotpot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-12

     In recent years, hotpot table production enterprises are in a state of spurt development. With the continuous growth of the market and the increase of people's consumption, the demand for hotpot tables has been greatly stimulated, and the development of rush has been accelerated throughout the country. The production speed up for the hotpot table, but this rapid development model has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that as the hotpot manufacturer increases , which greatly reduces the sales price and the style of the hotpot table becomes diversified, but a large number of manufacturers competitors will In order to reduce the cost, it is easy to do shoddy work and use inferior material, and there is a big quality question about the quality of the hot pot table. So how can we better choose a hot pot table in this case?

    The general purchase of a batch of hot pot tables is very expensive. We should follow the following points of view as a good hot pot table to protect our rights:
    (1) 在 Before purchasing the hot pot table, we should identify whether the hot pot table factory is a regular manufacturer. We must carefully check whether the underground unlicensed workshops, such as unlicensed small workshops, are easy to be investigated and shut down, resulting in a delay in opening.
    (2) It is necessary to check whether the furniture has sufficient qualifications, make sure the quality and safety are acceptable
    (3) When we order from the factory, we must make the production schedule, because many manufacturers have extended the delivery period for different reasons.
    (4) After shipment, the quality of the goods should be checked, and the materials should be inspected according to the rules of the contract. Check whether the inferior materials are used. For example, the solid wood hot pot table is inferior and is glued or glued to the finished product.
    (5)It should be avoided misunderstanding. It is necessary to negotiate the freight logistics costs before ordering, ask whether the freight or installation fee is included or not, and ask if the logistics will go to the nearest location or the nearest logistics point. The nearest logistics point needs customers pick up themself.

    Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and losses, we should try our best to be cautious and vigilant, and we should communicate with manufacturers patiently, so as to better protect your own interests.

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