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Differences in the design of dining furniture in various countries.

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-14
    Due to the different of the country, the cultures of the countries in the world are very different. For example, the cultures of different countries have different manners, the design might be similar, but the styles are different. Let us try to give examples of designers from various countries. What is the difference between the hotel table and dining table. Examples of differences in dining furniture design in various countries:

       (1)Japanese-style dining table, Japan's design style is generally biased towards a more emphasis on tradition and national unity, and more to the natural culture.

      (2)American dining table, American dining furniture has developed a design category of American furniture over the years, they are more inclined to classical art.

    (3) French furniture, French luxury furniture with rich aristocratic court color, exquisite workmanship, rich in artistic atmosphere, unique characteristics in the elegant and romantic tone.

    (4) British furniture, an ancient industrial country is mainly based on elegance and warmth, the overall shape is simple and generous, and there is a unique design in the details, so that the whole furniture reflects a gentle and charming temperament.

    (5)Chinese-style furniture, Chinese-style furniture is represented by the palace architecture. The interior design art style of Chinese classical architecture is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, high-space, deep carved and painted, magnificent, and symmetrical. The typical example of design is hot pot. The style of the table.

    here is some of the country furniture styles displayed, the design styles are not the same, what kind of style do you like to read this article? You can contact us "Wanyene Furniture" Customized furniture design.

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