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What are the advantages of weaving outdoor furniture?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-16
        The design style in the furniture industry has changed quite rapidly. These changes have been developed through the strong demand of people and the rapid development of society. From the promotion of the furniture industry to become more and more personalized, the furniture industry is no longer as rough as ever. China's furniture industry has gradually become more popular in high-end design. The right price naturally has this price quality and design. The hotpot table in previous years can be said to have been in charge for high-end hotle many years. The high-end hotpot table has always been a high-end star hotel as the main consumer group. The surge is the main driving force behind the constant evolution of hot pot tables.
        The design of the hot pot table has created a precedent for hot pot furniture, which greatly stimulated the reshuffle of the hotpot restaurant industry. The old style hotpot restaurant will be phased out, because the traditional hotpot restaurant has always used the old solid wood table, serious The backward catering equipment does not correspond to the fast-growing modern society.
          Gradually, some new trend styles appear in people's field of vision, for example: woven furniture, theme style furniture, etc., slowly become the new design style of dining table style, then what is woven furniture? That is the cost of furniture that is woven by hand or machine, such as tweezers, wicker, thin wood chips or metal belts. It is very artistic and artistic.
         So what are the advantages of woven furniture?
        (1) Woven furniture has an idyllic design and is easy to match the style of the restaurant.
        (2) Since materials are relatively common products, the cost is relatively low.
        (3) Convergence weaving homes have excellent strength and toughness and are easy to maintain.
        (4) Light weight makes it easy to handle and reduces transportation costs.
        (5) The more expensive the woven furniture is, the more it is more mysterious and friendly.

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